I purchased Coupons from Angie’s List for interior painting. I had two rooms that I wanted painted. I purchased the paint and patched the walls myself. The rest they did. From the first phone call to them, I had a good feeling. He was upfront on telling me that his schedule was a couple weeks out. I didn’t have a problem with that, as I still didn’t know what colors I wanted in the rooms. We set a date and they showed up right when I expected them to. Only negative thing was that he forgot to call me the day before as he said he would. I called him to confirm our scheduled date and he apologized several times for not calling me earlier in the day.They were very polite and friendly. The work they did was neat, fast, and done with great professionalism. So many hired people tell you they will be there at a certain date or time and never call or show up. I am pleased to say I am grateful for their promptness, so much so, that I asked for an additional estimate, as I plan on having them come back and do a couple more rooms and a stairway. I would highly recommend them to anyone.